shana (shana) wrote,

I had a lovely visit with seawasp and redrose999.

I arrived Friday, and redrose999 liked the outfits I had picked up for the baby, who is a year old now. The sundress is too big for her now, but it should fit her this summer. But these were un-pink outfits. She wore the jeans outfit today and looked sooo cuuuute.

I got to sit in while seawasp ran his game Friday night. Very interesting. I did make one relevant comment -- I asked if the blast that had blistered the bishonen player's ear had damaged his hair. It had, and that upset the character more than the near-death experience. Sea Wasp does enigmatic and mysterious masters so well. :)

I was pleased to meet rizzleberry in person. I did mess up on the introduction though, so she was wondering who the crazy friend of her aunt's was until I explained.

We went out to dinner at a nice seafood restaurant -- the bread was hot, and my tandoori cod was delicious. So was the key lime pie that we took back to the house and ate later. The kids were very good, despite the delays at the restaurant. Although the baby fussed a bit until she got her pasta.

One of the baby's birthday presents is a new toy kitchen -- complete with phone that makes noise. She was crawling around with it this morning. :)

redrose999 ran her 1924 game. My character is annoying Indiana Jones -- but not enough for him to look for funding elsewhere. The fact that she is organizing things more efficiently than he would doesn't help. It's his fault if he looked at her and saw a little blond rich doll. If she was what he though she was, she wouldn't have been shooting at the ninjas when they met. She's a very reasonable person. It's just that 'don't worry your pretty little head about it and let the men handle it' isn't what she considers a reason.

Sea Wasp pointed out that her theme song could be "Lawyers, guns and money." At least, she is willing to unleash the solicitors on certain problems, and she has lots of money -- and knows how to use it. She's used her guns, too, but that's because she's five foot nothing and has NO chance in hand to hand and she knows it.

I had planned to stay for the baby's birthday party today, but left before it started because my mother was sick. She's feeling better now, but she's still coughing. But she's kept down her medicine and the stuff she's been eating and drinking since this afternoon.

I'm working on the writeup of what happened in the game. It takes about twice as long to write as it did to play, even summarizing.

No PBEM updates. Whinge. I know that neat stuff is going to happen soon, but now it will probably be two weeks before the DM gets around to doing it. Whinge.
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