shana (shana) wrote,

Didn't sleep well last night -- my legs were hurting. I'm very glad I decided that two hours of trade show was enough yesterday.

I was hoping for PBEM updates today, but no. Maybe tomorrow. The Hackmaster game was postponed until next weekend. One of the players can't come, and another has the flu.

Still, I have been doing research reading for Kathy's game. A couple of books about China and the Chinese written by missionaries; a history of the Manchus in China; a memoir of a childhood in the English countryside... and now a history of sex in Britain since 1900. I don't know whether I'll finish that one, or quit after the twenties. I have about five other more or less relevant library books, plus another dozen or so ebooks. The ones on mysticism and the occult are particulary slow going, so I am switching between books pretty often.

I've started the second dvd of the Ah! My Goddess! tv series. These are such NICE people. But my attention span is short here, too. I think I'll get through at least two episodes this weekend, though.

Did grocery shopping today -- laundry tomorrow.
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