shana (shana) wrote,

Today I went in to the New York Comic Con. They offered free Professional membership for librarian, so I was able to get the time to go.

I got there about 9:15, and discovered that the 9:00 panel was cancelled, so I sat and waited for the 10:00 panel, which was titled "A nosebleed means WHAT!" Good discussion, which involved things like differences in Japanese and American mores, and the need for clear ratings system to help the buyer. And the question of how you do the rating, and what happens when a later volume suddenly deals with more adult themes than the rest of it.

But one of the publishers said it ought to be possible to add a description of why the rating was chosen -- graphic violence, nudity, or whatever. Which made the children's librarian who had been complaining about having trouble finding what was suitable for 5th grade and under happy.

I buy manga for the YA graphic novel collection. Because there are so many titles available, and I can't get them all, I buy things that I know are suitable, or which have been requested.

But, at any one time, about two-thirds of our graphic novel collection is out.

We have just started adding anime to the video collection. Well, not just started -- we bought a few titles last year, but the video selector got me to make recommendations, and a big order just came in. I don't remember what I said to get other than Fullmetal Alchemist and Scrapped Princess. But enough that they are going to have an Anime call number, to make it easier to find.

The exhibit area, while impressive, was small compared to BEA or ALA, so I was able to do a quick once-over in an hour. That done, I went back to a few places to talk to people. I had a nice chat with Phil Foglio, who happened to be alone at his booth; and another with Stefan Petrucha, who I knew in college. He would have been the last person I would have expected to be writing Nancy Drew comics, but I got over the shock last year at BEA.

Then I decided to wimp out. My back and feet were aching, and there wasn't any real need for me to kill myself. I loaded my collection of samples and freebies (and a few purchases that were for me) into the wheeled suitcase I had checked, and came home.

Now for a nice hot soak in the tub...
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