shana (shana) wrote,

Quiet day

I decided to make today a quiet day. Tomorrow I'll go out, run errands, and so on. Today I am staying in.

I am watching the Ah, My Goddess tv show on DVD. In short bits. I've seen the first four episodes now and it isn't up to the end of the first OVA. It is very sweet.

In between, I am doing my usual Usenet reading and doing research for the 1920's game. I'm reading a 1922 Emily Post etiquette book, one on Broadway in the 1920's, and another on the history of the occult and one on women in the US and Great Britain over the last century. There are others on the way via interlibrary loan, and I found some online resources, but scholarly books make slow reading for me.

And I was delighted to get some small PBEM updates. Bah on the PCs that are sitting on their hands and not replying.

I'm actually not watching much of the Olympics this year. I'm not sure why.
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