shana (shana) wrote,

Gaming goodness

Ah, new installment in pbem game -- I'm still on tenterhooks, but had another intriguing glimpse of the world. [I want more, but I know better than to nag the GM... that way lies _character development_! I read another 3 months of his old Usenet posts, instead.]

And another installment in the face to face game. Fortunately just enough people made saving throws that we came out alive... If we'd rolled those ones at the same time, we would have been dead. As it was, we got out alive, but injured, the cave collapsed, we managed to unblock the river enough to prevent flooding, and next game we get to deal with the panic in the city... We may need to postpone the dungeon exploration until we learn if this was the opening gambit of the atttack we're expecting...

My father is recovering nicely. He's feeling well enough that he has to be careful not to forget. He's gotten back into his book. If he keeps up at close to this rate he'll make his deadline.
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