shana (shana) wrote,

When I got into work today, there was a memo, saying all employees has to go down to City Hall to be photographed for ID cards. Now, I've been working here almost eight years, and they are FINALLY getting around to it. But now they're in a hurry, so my boss had to figure out how to get people down there between 10 and 12 in the morning while still covering the desk. Including getting the ones who don't drive. Six people in our department, and it's going to take four trips. I don't want to think about what the larger departments are doing.

My mother definitely has a cold; if it doesn't turn into bronchitis we'll be doing well. At least the weather will be better tomorrow for her trip to the doctor.

Cut for non-gamers.

Yesterday we had our Hackmaster game. Unfortunately, just after we ran into the ambush, the store manager told us they were closing an hour early... I got a critical hit that killed the leader at one minute to closing, and the GM declared that the survivors (about 8 out of 28) fled... We couldn't have done it if two other players hadn't decided to bring mages. Fireballs and lighting bolts are good for wearing down the numbers.

I hope to get some more PBEM updates this week, since I know the GM is busy next weekend. In separate threads, my character is trying to help one PC electrocute herself; trying to persuade another one that we're the good guys and he should join us; and preparing to deal with the emotional confrontation of members of my team with our Mystic Mentor, based on what an enemy kindly told us. And trying to minimize upcoming emotional devastation for my best friend and my family.

She's pretty sure she has enough money to pay off the mercenaries, but she isn't sure she has enough to rebuild the electrical substation if they wreck it... How much do those things cost, anyway?

But I am having fun, and I am feeling much better, even if I have a sinus infection.
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