shana (shana) wrote,

Hospitals are boring...

and my mother has to stay there another night.

She shooed my father and me out of there, but we'll be back early tomorrow morning. I hope she manages to eat a decent dinner. She lost breakfast, but was doing all right with crackers when we arrived. She ate some of her lunch, but the turkey was dry and she wouldn't touch the collard greens.

She scared the nurses. They don't like patients to end up on the floor. She was on the edge of the bed, heaving, and losing her balance, but it was the nurse trying to grab her that pushed the bed out from under Mom. I wasn't quick enough to steady the bed. She had just gotten back from her first trip to the bathroom after having her catheter removed, and was tired and unsteady. She wasn't hurt, but the nurses are keeping a closer eye on her, and they want her to stay put for a while.

We ordered her a TV for tonight ... her favorite shows are on, and she always falls asleep with the TV on anyway.

So Dad and I are home manning the phones. I'm taking massive amounts of vitamin C and hoping that I am not catching anything.

Tonights plan: read Usenet, check email and lj; maybe read for a while, and try to see if I can sleep. The trouble is, it isn't as dull here as at the hospital...
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