shana (shana) wrote,

Today has been quiet, in preparation for tomorrow. I went out to clean off the car, otherwise I've stayed in all day. Fortunately the paths are clear, so my mother will be able to walk down to the car tomorrow. My parents have figured out what they are going to wear tomorrow, and they spoke to friends about it. One was able to tell them about _her_ vascular surgery, which made them feel better. Which is good.

I made comfort food for dinner -- my grandfather's pasta. Very basic, but Mom ate a good helping of it. She can't have anything after midnight.

Unfortunately the GM is having network troubles, so there were only a couple of little PBEM updates. But he did send me the draft of his book, so far. Ooooh, this is getting good. Snerk.

My attention span has been limited the last couple of days, anyway. But I'm tempted to just jump ahead in the talk with the two other PCs, skipping over the contribution of the NPCs. So far I have resisted, and will do so some more.

Tomorrow the library is closed because of the holiday. I'll find out then whether I'll be able to go into work on Tuesday, or if Mom will need me. They're keeping her overnight, but I might be able to go to work for at least half the day. I did call and warn them on Friday, so it won't be a surprise.

Then, of course, we'll have to see what kind of recovery time Mom will need.
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