shana (shana) wrote,

Cut to avoid boring people.

I found something else to do when waiting for PBEM updates. I started an LJ for my PBEM character, and am writing as if she were keeping an lj. Everything is friendslocked and backdated, and I am only halfway through the first day after leaving home.

I am still hoping to be able to go visit seawasp and redrose999. My mother doesn't want me to go, but she never wants me to go away. The real kicker is if she will be better enough that I feel I can leave my folks alone safely. I'm definitely taking her to the doctor tomorrow, then we'll see.

The weather looks like it will be reasonable, too. It's going to rain on Saturday, but just rain, and it should be dry on Sunday when it is going to be cold.

I've got my fingers crossed.
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