shana (shana) wrote,


It is really hard to do most anything without power. Ours went out at 7:15 last night. Fortunately we'd already had dinner.

The outage was the three buildings in our apartment house cluster. [There are 10 in the whole complex -- three clusters.] There was a Con Edison truck out there working all day, so we thing it was something they did. Not that we can tell; my mother called Con Ed after the power had been out for two hours, and the person on the phone insisted that a) she didn't have an email telling her about anything wrong, and b) they couldn't send anyone out to look at it unless they had a call from a licensed electrician saying it was Con Ed's problem.

So we were reading by flashlight and candlelight. Those cute little 'book owl' booklights that I bought because they were so cute came in handy. So did my Rocket ebooks -- my mother is reading the one that I put some of our favorite romances on.

I went to bed early, but it was hard to sleep. Still, I managed, and when I woke up my alarm clock was blinking; the power came back about 1:30.

Now that I have vented and slightly recharged my laptop battery, I'm going back to bed.

All the stuff I had planned to do before going away for the weekend has been postponed until morning; I'm going to get a later start than I'd planned. Sigh.
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