shana (shana) wrote,

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Just saw it. Loved it.

The only quibbles I had were in the opening scenes of the Blitz. I'd like to here some commentary from Brits about it. They were showing way too much light.

Other than that, it was lovely. I was tempted to put my fingers in my ears when the kids were bickering -- they did it very well.

A most enjoyable afternoon.

My father ordered a pair of shoes this morning -- they didn't have the size he wanted in the color he wanted. They should be in in a few days or so.

No PBEM updates. Sigh. One player is quitting the game. Oh, well, since that character has a target on his back, the GM will either kill him off or sideline him to NPCdom if he has a use for him.

But tomorrow I will at least get face to face gaming -- probably just a little roleplaying, because I don't thing we'll have time to deal with the City of the Vampiric Storm Giants...
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