shana (shana) wrote,

I was on the late shift tonight, and they closed an hour early because of the sleet. Fortunately, no one was being stupid on my route home. It's supposed to change over to rain by midnight, which is good, because they're saying over an inch of rain, which would be a LOT of snow.

Dad's feet are swollen so that he can only wear one pair of his shoes. I suggested he try on my velcro walking shoes, [he and my brother and I have feet close to the same size -- but mine are wider] and he liked them, so Saturday I'm taking him to the shoe store I patronize. It's a little hole in the wall store, but they have shoes that fit my feet. I can get two pairs of shoes in ten minutes, as opposed to spending hours going from shop to shop at the mall and not finding anything.

This weekend I must do stuff. Like my Christmas shopping.
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