shana (shana) wrote,

Well, they closed the library today because of the snow. Not that it made any difference to me, because I'm off today because I work tomorrow. I just hope they get the parking lot clear...

It is sunny now, so I am going to let it work another hour or so before I go out to clean off the cars.

I just read volume 12 of Fruits Basket. I thought the story with Kagura was really sweet. And now it looks like volume 13 won't be out til April! When they were doing it bimonthly, it was fine, but then they went monthly for a while, and now to go 4 months between issues is unfair! I could forgive it once, but to continue on this schedule? Bah.

I was shocked to discover that the GM and one of the other PCs think that my character is a Paladin. It hadn't occurred to me. Sure, she's a goody two shoes, but a paladin? At least it's PBEM, so I don't have to think about it. _She_ doesn't know she's a paladin, and will just continue to be herself. [As far as fighting goes, her self image is more of a girly not-quite-as-wimpy-as-she-looks, rather than a buff knight-in-shining-armor. And since she's never been in a real fight, she doesn't know what she'll actually do...]
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