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The first snow of the season -- it looks really pretty but it is making the roads bad enough I had to cancel travel to my Hackmaster game. Sigh. I did email everybody, but I don't know whether the others are going to go or not. I think I could do it, but there are so many bloody accidents on the road it would probably take me three hours to do the one hour drive. Too many people think that all wheel drive is magic.

I had already decided to skip the jewelry show -- Suzanne and Dave had other committments, and I am not in the mood to handle the crowds shopping. I'm doing all my shopping online. I've done it the last few years, and it is far less stressful.

Update: Well, I heard from everyone in the game except the GM -- I'm not the only one who can't travel. The one who lives 5 minutes away from the store says it's icing up there, so travel is bad. I asked the player who has the GM's cell number to call him, and make sure he doesn't go out in this. He's from Syracuse, so he's likely to scoff at a mere 4 inches of snow... But I'm sure he doesn't want to drive in it more than he has to.
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