shana (shana) wrote,

Things are looking up

The sun came out after three gray and dreary days. They have fixed the heat at work, so that while it was a little bit warm at my desk today, it was basically comfortable. [And it does tend to be warm when it it warm outside.] Since the temperature is dropping, I may risk wearing a long sleeved shirt tomorrow. :)

The play by email game has started going -- that is, I'm having in character conversation with another PC. This gives me -- let's see, there's this thread with S & T; the main thread, where my character is asleep; separate conversations with two wizards; the flashback game, where there is the training montage thread; the conversation on preparedness that the PC's have had but the NPCs have yet to respond; yet another conversation with K; a conversation between S and S that I expect will probably fizzle out; and a planning thread... Of course, some of these threads have languished for weeks, but I have hopes that eventually the tuits will come round. It's probably lucky that the other players aren't as verbose as I am.

This weekend is the jewelry, gem and mineral show. Time to indulge my inner dragon. :) And Dave usually runs my solo D&D game when he and Suzanne come out for the show.

I'll be getting a flu shot -- either Friday, if my doctor still has them, or else Monday at work. I'd prefer Friday, because I usually get a headache after a flu shot, and Monday I work until 9:00.

Dad is doing better. When my brother was home this weekend he printed out the emails sent to and from the various relatives, and Dad was shocked to discover how bad he'd been. He still doesn't have much stamina, but he is eating, and I think slowly gaining strength. He's napping now.

I feel slightly guilty because I am reading the new Nora Roberts book instead of proofreading Kathy's Dr Who novel, but not enough to stop. I have to hurry and read this so that my mother can read it.

I'm going to try to go to bed early tonight. I've been trying to do it all week, maybe I'll make it tonight. :)
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