shana (shana) wrote,


Well, I lost a day of shmoozing with my friends because I wanted to get home before the snow started. Now there are several inches of the stuff, and after breakfast I must go clean off the cars. If I'm lucky, the guy plowing the drive will also plow out the parking spaces if I move the cars...

On the bright side, I had a good gaming session. Next time: the vault of undead. We know that there are spectres and shadows and at least one ghost, so we're leaving the soldiers behind and taking members of the cleric corps. And planning on LOTS of protection from evil 10' radius spells...

And in seawasp's pbem game, we have reached the end of the news broadcast our characters have been watching. I feel worst about the museum and the library being part of the collateral damage. That scene will definitely make good movie... Of course, it would be nice to know what my character remembered last night, but the DM will get around to it in time...

Time to have breakfast and brave the weather now. Sigh.
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