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My Aunt Nan is here. We knew she was coming for a visit, but we weren't sure when she would come. This morning, she called from Miami Airport -- she had been delayed leaving her cruise ship, and missed her flight, so she was standing by for a seat. She hadn't been checking her messages, and she'd been calling and leaving messages at the wrong number.

So we rushed to get all the stuff we'd been planning to do over the next few days done today. All the piles of papers have been moved back to the office or thrown out, except for the ones waiting to be shredded. And we're all tired.

She got here about an hour ago, and she and my mother are talking nineteen to the dozen.

A spate of PBEM messages enlivened the afternoon, whetting my appetite for more, but I think I'm going to call it a day soon.

I seem to have a slow leak in one tire. We stopped to put air in it when I was taking my brother to his train. If it is down tomorrow, I'll have to take the car in instead of waiting until Tuesday. But it's just as well I didn't have to drive a hundred miles today.
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