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I was on the late shift tonight, so I knew I would miss all our trick-or-treaters. I made sure to have plenty of candy for my parents to hand out, though -- we live in an apartment complex, and it was such a nice night the kids were out in droves. From the amount of candy left, I figure we must have had something over sixty kids come by. The leftovers will go to work tomorrow.

I wore my renaissance dress to work. I got lots of compliments on it. About a dozen of the staff wore costumes today. One of the clerks was the most elaborate -- she had a witch costume, complete with wig. She's been wearing funky halloween jewelry to work for the last week or so.

The niece of the woman I work with brought her daughter to the library in her angel costume. She was bouncing, but I suspect she fell asleep as soon as she got into the car.

And I was pleased to learn that Kathy's present was delivered on her birthday -- I had hoped so, but you never can tell.

And the holes in the wall have been fixed, the rug is dry, rolled up, and waiting to go be cleaned.
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