shana (shana) wrote,

Cable boxes, Martian lawyers

My, how things have changed. The last time the cable company changed boxes, they sent a technician to come and install them for us. This time, they sent us the boxes, and we had to do it ourselves. Or rather, I did it, because I wasn't about to let my parents do it. I didn't want my mother to aggravate her bad back or Dad his hernia. It took me about 45 minutes to do the two sets. The one with the dvd/vcr was harder. But now we have digital cable service, including the anime network on demand. Maybe I'll even remember to watch it from time to time.

A few weeks back, in Lois Bujold's conference (Miles to Go)on Baen's Bar, Pamela Uphoff started writing a story. She collected the bits from the very long threads, and posted it in the Slush Pile conference. It is called "Martian Lawyer Babe" and is a light and fluffy, fun story. It has action, adventure, romance, intrigue, lawyers, police, criminals, royalty and a mad scientist. And snarky dialog.
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