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My weekend

I had a reasonably good weekend. Dad was eating -- we didn't have to nag and coax to get at least a thousand calories into him, like we did earlier in the week.

Yesterday I went to visit friends in NJ. We had lunch at a great little italian restaurant -- I love their chicken cacciatore. If it was closer, I'd probably eat there often enough to try some of their other stuff. I asked for soup insted of salad, and they gave me a bowl of minestrone, so I had enough leftovers for Dad and I to have for dinner tonight.

And I had a session of D&D. My character went unconscious in the fight with the intellect devourers. Fortunately two of the four critters were downed by then, and the others despatched the other two quickly enough. I was just waking up as they finished destroying the funky crystal golems.

I'm nudging Dave to compute the xps from dealing with the 400 storm giant vampires from the last session. (We killed about 90 of them, but the rest fled.) We're going to need them before we go off after the master storm giant vampire and the rest of his minions. But it will probably be several weeks before I can play again.

I finished rereading the year+ worth of PBEM messages. We're just about ready for the action to start. When the DM has time....
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