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After a more than a week of rain, it was a pleasant surprise to look out and see sunlight. Yay, partly cloudy!

My cold has progressed to the point where my brain is working again. This is nice. The cough is starting, but I hope will be minimal.

I have been rereading the PBEM game posts. I finished one thread, and I am up to last November in the other one. It has been a busy week, in game time. Eight days for my character in the main game, and two in the flashback sequence. Unfortunately, it looks like the next bits are big important ones -- which means they have to wait until GM has time to write them; not quick little ones where he can do it in similar bits to Usenet.

And my character just got a perfect reason to know stuff she otherwise might not... Sigh. [I am being patient, I am being patient, it will just be another couple of weeks....]
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