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Tired of being sick

I'm home with a cold. It has progressed from the constant stream of post-nasal drip to the totally stuffed-up stage. My boss really prefers that we stay home and not infect the rest of department -- and I agree with her. It should have progressed sufficiently that Friday will be okay. [I'm home tomorrow for Yom Kippur, anyway.]

Dad is not good -- he's still having hallucinations. And he isn't eating enough. Mom's talking to the psychiatrist now, because Dad didn't want to go out today, and considering the weather and the fact that neither of us is up to par, she decided not to push to make the appoinment in person.

I'm reading in short spurts -- Usenet, lj, comfort reading.

When I'm sick I don't want to read anything challenging, and seldom anything new. Something cozy and familiar that doesn't give me any unpleasant surprises is what I want -- an old friend, not a new aquaintence. So the books I bought yesterday will languish until I feel better, while I reread _Boundary_ and _Cotillion_.
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