shana (shana) wrote,

Well, yesterday we got the new rug for the living room. I had a couple of friends come over, and we got the old rug up, plus the disintegrating foam pad underneath it, and put the new (smaller) rug down. It looks very pretty, but it was exhausting. Since I woke up at 5:00 and couldn't get back to sleep, did a full day at work -- cleaning my desk before going on vacation -- and then took my friends to dinner; they left shortly before midnight, then I went to bed.

Today I had my Hackmaster game. The DM was a bit annoyed that we killed the three manticores in two rounds -- especially since I rolled a '1' on my dex roll for my mage to avoid being crushed by the falling womanticore. :) But we wouldn't have had time for a long fight -- as it was, we finished that fight just fifteen minutes before the store closed.

It's been a three week game drought. Hackmaster is just once a month, but I haven't had any D&D or PBEM in the meantime. But I'll get to play D&D on Tuesday. [I'm not expecting any PBEM posts until I see them. Sigh.]

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    Happy birthday seawasp!

  • Renamed my account

    I am changing the name from slrose to shana, now that the name is available.

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