shana (shana) wrote,

I succumbed to temptation and ordered the dark blue cloak. Since I didn't buy a new outfit to wear to my cousin's bat-mitzvah this Sunday, I don't feel _too_ guilty. I'll get more use out of it than a fancy outfit.

Things are a little rough on the home front, but not too bad at the moment.

On the gaming front, I had a wonderful time at the Hackmaster game on Sunday. I cast a fireball that filled the room we were in. Fortunately, the other PC who was in the room and I had protection from heat -- and only three of the guards made their save. And only one of the heavy crossbows survived. It took a while to finish off the guards, but we managed it.

The PBEM is starting to get busy again. I'll have to be sure I get my character caught up with all eight of the threads she's involved in... Two of which are actually with other PCs!

My body is busy fighting off some germ or other -- my sinuses are bad, and I'm breaking out. My mother thinks she has a cold, but this doesn't feel like a cold. She's napping on the couch now. She turns on the TV, stretches out, and dozes off.

Time to take a break from my surfing and do some work around the house. Maybe there will be something nifty in the email later....
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