shana (shana) wrote,

More gaming

Well, my character got killed in the Hackmaster game, but I got better. The character that killed me got my remains when his mind-control wore off, and they got me back to town and resurrected me. And I went up a level and got some new spells. They give me the spellbooks. Yay!

I am watching Slayers. It is much better when I know what is going on. Raw Japanese, with commentary, is not nearly as satisfying as subtitles. And Lina Inverse is so inspiring! I am watching it one or two episodes at a time, when I need a lift. It is definitely a depression fighter for me.

I managed to make it home before the thunderstorms hit. They passed, but I'm ready to get offline if we get more...

Important stuff has happened in the world of the PBEM game -- heroic and tragic. Even if the PCs were only on the periphery of it.
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