shana (shana) wrote,

I just bought a new car.
When my mechanic told me that they couldn't get the part needed to repair the emission control system of my Saturn, but that it was safe to drive (shortly AFTER I had major dental work done) I started doing research. That was back in June.

I've had too many scary drives home in snow the past few years, so I decided all wheel drive was essential. And a power driver seat was essential when I bought my Saturn back in 2004. I decided that a rear camera was also essential, and other safety features would be desirable.

So, after lots of research online and looking at lots of vehicles in person and test driving the most promising candidates, I decded on a Subaru Forester. Thanks to my brother's generosity in contributing to the down payment, (now he doen't have think about birthday or Christmas present for years), I bought a blue Subaru Forester today.

It will be mine on Wednesday.
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Yay, Subaru! (I have a Legacy Wagon. I LOVE her. I think we were also considering a Forester at the time, but the Legacy won out then.)
Everyone I know with a Subaru seems to be happy with it.
Subarus are good vehicles overall. Mine's been good to me for the past, what, 12 years?

Haven't seen much from you lately. How're you doing?
I'm hanging in there. Work, sleep, household maintenance, making sure Dad eats and takes his meds.

He's doing fairly well with the new meds. He'll eat breakfast, but tends to fall asleep and forget about lunch if not reminded.

Started once a month gaming with the old gang in Rahway - Star Wars on Saturday, D&D on Sunday.

I have new glasses, with no line for the bifocal. I think I've gotten used to them, but I still find myself occasionally getting dizzy.
So I guess that pretty much precludes you taking trips of any duration; you can't leave someone behind who won't remember to eat or properly medicate. :(

I'll be at WFC and I'm even on a panel and doing a reading, too!
That's great! I hope you have a good time and a good turnout for your reading.

Yeah, my brother and I coordinate trips so that one of us is home every night. The only con I'm currently planning on is Lunacon, but if he retires next year, I might try a few more. But my budget is going to be tight for the rest of the year, anyway, because, NEW CAR!