shana (shana) wrote,

Five things make a post...

1. Despite telling me that 'we don't need a new TV' and 'it's too big', once I got it set up my mother loves the 32" HDTV I got for the living room. (It was this one: -- and it isn't too big for the stand.)

2. I set up the Wii Fit on the other TV. I am starting very slowly -- the longest session I've done so far is six minutes. My chiropractor thinks that's a good idea, as she sees a lot of Wii Fit injuries. My feeling is, if I do six minutes a day, that's a better investment than a gym membership where I might remember to go once or twice a month. I figure I'll work my way up to longer sessions; it's only been three days, after all.

3. Babies are cute. And ten week old babies are much easier to lift than year old ones.

4. My ToeWarmers boots are fabulous; I only need one pair of socks with them, even when the temperature dropped to single digits (Fahrenheit.)

5. I made some resolutions; I should write them down for myself. (Not today, and there's no point in boring other people with them, anyway.)
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