shana (shana) wrote,

Stressful day

I had my physical this morning. No real problem. Then, after I left, the front bumper fell off my car. At least it waited until I was able to pull off the road into a parking lot before it did so.

It's sort of springy, so I was able to put it into the backseat of my car and headed for our service station. First calling work to warn them I might be late and my family to tell them what was up.

My brother got there at the same time I did; and told me they'd agreed to let me have the other car to go to work. So after I dropped him off at home, I went to lunch and to work.

They had it fixed not too long after I started work. So I arranged to take an early lunch break, picked up my brother at home and collected my car. They charged me for an hour of labor and a few dollars for parts. I was back to work in a hour.

Work was busy. We're going to be short handed for the next two weeks.

I need to unwind enough to sleep, as I have to be back at work in less than eleven hours.
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