shana (shana) wrote,

I went to BEA at Javits Center this morning.

The last time it was in New York, the library sent a full contingent there. This time, no mention was made of it.

I had already taken this week as vacation time, so I decided to go. My time, my money. I did volunteer to drop business cards for some of the other people, though.

Last time there were LOTS of 'drop your business card here to win' things. This year, not so many. I dropped the most appropriate cards for each one, and left a few cards at other booths.

I did a once-over of the main show floor, then decided I was too tired to go down to the other hall where the children's stuff and other stuff was. I just took the tote bags I had collected and went home.

I now have a good supply of bags for grocery shopping, as well as book bags.

The best bags were definitely the McGraw Hill one (big, red, sturdy, with zippers) and the one from Chronicle Books (blue, nice pattern, waterproof, folds into a pocket.)

I'm definitely going to the chiropractor when she gets back from lunch.

Tomorrow we have relatives visiting, and Sunday's my father's birthday.
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