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Went to my once a month Hackmaster game.  We managed to survive, again.  Thanks to the major magical healing item that the DM was kind enough to allow us to keep when he rolled it randomly.  Otherwise I would be missing a finger and the cleric of Odin would be missing a foot.  Also to the fact that one fighter made his Int roll after he failed his save vs. fear, and managed NOT to run into the lava stream.  :)

My character's tag line seems to be "let's rest so I can memorise more spells."  As a 5th level wizard, I now get neat spells.  The fly spell was of great general utility, and when cast on a strong fighter got us across what would otherwise be a probable death trap.  Fireballs and magic missiles also came in handy.  And when we were resting for a couple of days, I got to cast an identify spell.  I had a 50% chance, and I blew it on half of the items.  But I did identify the major magic weapon that we were questing for, and a neat wand that I get to use.  [Since the weapon can only be used effectively by a gnome, the gnome gets it.  But there were two potions, some healing ointment, and three other magic items that we can divvy up when we figure out how to use them.]  We need more magic weapons.  Too many of the group can't hit things like the stone golem disguised as a mummy that we were fighting.

As for the PBEM, I can tell that there is going to be REALLY COOL STUFF happening soon in my flashback sequence.  Patience is a virtue that I need -- right now,  

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