shana (shana) wrote,


... and after 10 hours away from a computer it's amazing how much I have to catch up on.

My new computer arrived yesterday, and I have begun to download the stuff I want to put on it. (Ye gods the patches on NWN2 are HUUGE! I hope the game is worth the trouble.)

Today I went down to NJ to visit Suzanne and the twins. The babies were intent on eating, with short play breaks. She'd nurse one while I gave a bottle to the other. I left a little earlier than I'd planned, but the babies were both asleep, so I told Sue to take a nap while she could.

Dave said hello when he got in, then went to bed. The babies had kept them up most of the night.

They've gotten bigger and heavier and wigglier; they can almost hold their heads up by themselves now. It won't be too much longer before they won't stay where they're put.

I'm going to try to catch up on lj and usenet and go to bed. The new computer can wait.
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