shana (shana) wrote,

We started the day at work with training in the new computerized interlibrary loan system. We had the hour before the library opened, during which we went over the book procedures, then we had to leave the computer room and three of us adjourned upstairs to our office to go over the procedure for articles. That took about another half hour.

Then I spent two hours creating forms to give the patrons, so that they will have all the correct information, and writing up the procedure in a simple fashion. I emailed the procedure write up to the teacher, she made one clarification, and I passed out copies to my boss, the branch manager, and the other departments.

Alas, I have reluctantly decided I'm not quite well enough to go visit the babies this weekend. I have next Thursday off, because I'm working Saturday, so I'll go see them then.

Also, for those who haven't heard from other sources, Marilee is in the hospital; her friend Steve has set up a forum here: with information and updates.
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