shana (shana) wrote,

Snow day

Well, they closed the library. I got the call from my boss at ten this morning. Before that, they'd announced a delayed opening -- for one pm, the time I normally start on Mondays. But they were sensible, at last. We've got somewhere between eight and twelve inches of snow, and they were reporting hundreds of accidents on the roads.

My colleague with the broke hip was planning to start back today; I hope she waits a few more days, now, even though we miss her.

We've been staying in, napping and resting and answering phone calls. I'm feeling rotten, but I always do during storms. I'll call the doctor tomorrow about my sinus infection.

My big laptop has been glitching for a while, and I've been using George (my Eee) more of the time. So I ordered a replacement for the big laptop. Not quite as big, but this one will be able to run Neverwinter Nights 2, which the old one can't.
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