shana (shana) wrote,


Saturday I got my hair done; we tried out a new mexican place that delivers. It was a success; we'll try them again. I don't like their nachos -- it was the 'pile of chips, pour on beans and cheese'. I like the 'spread the chip with refried beans, cover with cheese, put a jalapeno on and broil' kind.

I also noticed my boots were wearing out; since these are my snow boots, holes are not acceptable.

Today I bought new boots. They had them in EEEE width, which means these are the first boots I've had that don't feel tight when I'm wearing two pairs of socks. These boots:

I also did my taxes. Which required using my father's computer and printer, since NY State didn't mail out forms to individuals this year.

Laundry didn't get done; it will have to wait until Friday.
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