shana (shana) wrote,

Happy babies

It is fun to hold happy babies.  This weekend I got to hold Vicky, and today a former colleague brought in 3 month old Elizabeth. 

Vicky is very active and wiggly -- I predict that as soon as she starts crawling she'll be very fast -- while Elizabeth is a more placid baby, which is good because her mother tends to be uptight.  Elizabeth was very good about being passed from one person to another, and one of my colleagues was more than half an hour late leaving for lunch because of baby-worship.

It was fun.

Dad had that setback, and I don't know how long he'll take to get back to where he was.  I am hoping that it is only temporary, and that he will recover quickly.

In three weeks we have to decide whether or not to cancel our reservations in Wildwood.  And my brother is hoping he can take his trip to Britain and Worldcon without feeling too worried and guilty.  



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