shana (shana) wrote,

Returned to the scene of the crime...

...well, accident. I don't want to get a phobia about the place.

The ornamental curb I tripped over was around the base of the flagpole in front of the post office. My bloodstains are still on the sidewalk, although they look brown now. I expect that they'll disappear eventually, under the combination of precipitation and salt that will be coming this winter.

I took a flowering plant to thank the lady from the restaurant that helped me. She wasn't there, but her daughter was pleased that I remembered and wanted to thank her.

I don't know who the other good Samaritans were.

I'm feeling somewhat better, but still not great. Tomorrow I go back to see the doctor, and I'll ask him what I can take other than Tylenol -- because Tylenol is not an effective pain killer for me, and I can't go to the chiropractor until the nose heals.

I'm at work; my shift today is 1:00-9:00. We'll see how my stamina holds out.
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