shana (shana) wrote,

The agony of de feet

Is not as bad as it could have been, thanks to the booth that offered massages. A fifteen minute foot massage helped, but I am going to go take a long bath as soon as I finish my drink.

I was very selective in what I picked up. 17 totebags -- there were three that I saw other people with that I didn't see when I was prowling the joint, that I would have liked. 10 books -- ARC's, and graphic novels, 1 audiobook [Around the World in 80 Days, read by Jim Dale], and an assortment of little things -- pens, pencils, sticky notes, little toys. Plus some catalogs -- mostly from the graphic novel booths.

I said hello to Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, and got a Korval tree and dragon pin, and went to Laura Ann Gilman's signing and got an autographed ARC of her new book. [I plan to read it in the tub.] I chatted with Esther Friesner and Keith DeCandido there. I only saw two of the people from my library there, but that's not surprising.
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