shana (shana) wrote,

First leg of my trip successfully managed.

I made it up to Albany with no problem, managed to find Larry at Borders (despite the fact that he'd told me Barnes & Noble) and we had a nice visit, then went and hung out with Kathy before going out to dinner with Ryk & Kathy and kids.

I managed to successfully deliver Larry back to his corner, and then found my way back to Ryk and Kathy's, where Ryk read me the next portion of Threshold -- very enjoyable. So was snerking to the beta reading group. :)

The kids were fairly good -- they liked their Disney pirate stuffies.

It poured on the drive back to the hotel, but it slowed down just as I arrived, so I didn't get too wet coming in.

I had a few moments of panic when I couldn't find the directions to the hotel in Montreal that I had so carefully printed out, but I did find them. That's a relief.

Now to try to unwind and get some sleep.
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