shana (shana) wrote,

The power was out for about an hour and a hslf -- it came back on just as I decided to try to take a nap. :)

Later, if my parents are still up for it, we are going out so Dad can look for new shoes. And I want to try the new crepe place at the mall.

Laundry tomorrow -- and I still have to decide what I want to pack and wear on the trip next week.

The allergy tests this morning went smoothly. They did tests for food allergies -- nothing serious enough to worry about. One of the drops looked like chocolate -- the nurse said it was mushrooms. I told her that I'm prejudiced against mushrooms. Not allergic. The tests concurred. Only one reaction worried me -- but it was the histamine they were using as control. THAT came up red and swollen and itchy.

I'm know I'm lucky in that my allergies are only mild-to-moderate.

I start shots on Tuesday.
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