shana (shana) wrote,

My eyes were bothering me -- darn pollen -- so I decided to but off Dzur a bit longer. Sherwood Smith's INDA arrived today, but I'm not even going to open the package till Friday.
I'm on the late shift again tomorrow and Thursday we have visitors -- cousins from the Canadian branch of the family, although they live in Texas now. They'll be coming down for the evening.

I did read volume 14 of Fruits Basket. We get to see Rin, the horse. Poor girl. I'll start it again soon to savor it.

Kathy had more fics -- that was fun.

And I now have a spell list for my character in the 1920s game. Or rather, a list of spells available on the ancient scroll that was left for her. Once she figures out Comprehend Languages, the rest of the studying will go faster...

Next week I have an appoinment on Monday with the eye doctor, and one on Friday with a regular doctor... But I cannot get sick -- we have people on vacation.

I am resigned to PBEM drought. I will wait until Friday, on the off chance that there will be an update, and then I will try to talk to some of the other PCs... I did pretty well the last time the GM went on vacation...
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