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What I've read recently...

_Blame it on Chocolate_ by Jennifer Greene. This is a fluffy romance by one of my favorite authors. Lots of fun. And I _certainly_ wish the chocolate described was real.

_River of Fire_ by Mary Jo Putney. A re-read. Probably my favorite of her Regency historicals, this one features an ex-soldier and artists.

_Masks of the Outcasts_ by Andre Norton. An omnibus of _Catseye_ and _Night of Masks_. Reading the e-version on my Rocket book was certainly easier than trying to locate the 30+ year old paperback versions on my triple stacked bookcases.

_The Case of the Virtuous Vampire_ by Monette Michaels. Another ebook, surprisingly fun. The heroine is a witch and a lawyer, and the vampire in question is her mother's boyfriend. Too bad the publisher has gone out of business. I hope she finds a new one soon. I want sequels.

_The Reluctant Miss Van Helsing_. I don't remember the author's name off hand, and I left the book at work, but it is brand new so there should be no problem finding it in bookstores if you want a vampire romance farce. This is a very silly book. The author was clearly having fun here; lots of allusions and in-jokes -- like the scene where lots of Bond movie titles were referenced. I skipped ahead to read the end, I'll probably finish it in bits, but it is too much farce for me to take at a sitting.

_Enchanted, Inc._ by Shanna Swendson. This is a chick-lit book about a small town girl in the big city, who is truly special ... because she _doesn't_ have magic. Lots of fun, and I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel.

That's enough for now. Time for dinner and laundry.
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