shana (shana) wrote,

I'm very thankful that the weather cooperated for Thanksgiving; as it was the drive to my cousins' house was painless. We had a lovely dinner, topped off with pumpkin cheesecake, which I got the recipe for. I don't know whether I will actually make it -- my chocolate cheesecake recipe is easier -- but it is good to have.

I think I have my computer operational again -- other than the email I stupidly lost.

I'm still missing the pbem updates from last weekend -- I have my messages, but not anyone elses.

Its nice that it's starting up again -- and it means I now actually have to go and read the D&D rules again. Since I've never actually played 3rd edition, they are not in my memory banks.

Kathy's story made the transition unscathed, and I have resumed editing. Slowly, because I can't take too much stuff as intense as that sea battle at a time. I lost over two weeks, but I'll have it done before Christmas, for sure.
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