shana (shana) wrote,

I was up too late last night, watching the Westminster Dog Show. (I'm allergic to dogs, but I can appreciate their beauty and personalities on TV.) I thought that the Norfolk terrier that won the group was especially charming. The pekinese who won the toy group looked like a walking pillow with eyes. I speculated that it had eight legs under all that fluff. It looked sfnal.

So this morning I drag myself out of bed, muttering because I really needed more sleep, and went to work. I parked next to my boss' car, thinking how odd it was that she was there, because Wednesday is her late night. So I went upstairs to the desk. I checked the schedule, and _I'M_ scheduled for the late shift. So I went home again and I'll try to catch a nap before I have to go back. I really hate it when I do stupid things.
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