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Late shift

I'm working the late shift and it is quiet. This is good, because I'm alone at the desk and I don't want real problems, but it means I have time to surf aimlessly.

In the interests of my personal emotional health, I have not been following the Katrina news in detail. It's not that I don't care, but I have to stay functional, and if I let myself dwell upon the horrors I won't be.

I'm wearing my cloak at work. I had to show a movie this afternoon, and the auditorium is cold. The thermometer on my desk reads 70.3. I think it got as high as 71.8 earlier today. This is my polar fleece cloak -- the wool one is a bit much at the moment. I am tempted to buy another -- the website for the dealer had one in rose and one in dark blue...
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