shana (shana) wrote,

It looks like I got the antibiotic either just in time or a bit late; I was wondering why everyone was complaining about the cold at work yesterday when I was feeling warm. When I got home I realized I was running a low-grade fever. (Over 99 F counts as low-grade fever for me; I know it's in the normal range for some people but I run low.)

I registered for BEA; the last time it was in New York the library sent people to it, this year it is highly unlikely they'll spend the money. The dates fall in my already-requested vacation time, so I'll just go on my own nickel. I should pick up enough tote bags to make it cost-effective.

I am a bear of very little brain today; fortunately I can function well enough to work since I'm on the late shift.

I will be checking lj regularly even though I only have brains for fluff.
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