shana (shana) wrote,

Baby humans...

No pictures, but burblings.

I got the week of the party wrong; Dave and Suzanne are having the party for the babies NEXT Sunday, not today.

Which means I got lots of chances to hold one month old Sarah and Cecilia.

They are tiny; Sarah's 7 pounds and Cecilia a few ounces lighter. And they look even tinier when their 6'5" daddy is holding one of them.

In the crib they turn so that they look at each other; one will open her eyes, see her sister, then close her eyes again.

They like being held; they don't seem to mind who's holding them. I held Cece more than Sarah; it just happened that way. I don't think I've ever held such small babies; they're almost like dolls. Tiny little hands. (Their feet were securely inside their sleepers.)

Weather permitting I'll drive down next Sunday for the party, but I won't have as much chance to hold them then; even with two of them there's a lot of competition.
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