shana (shana) wrote,

I went back to the ENT for a follow-up.

The wounds are healing well; I'll be able to stop the peroxide/bacitracin regimen in a few days.

Because the break is basically in place and didn't distort my nose, I don't need immediate surgery, although he wants me to think about getting the deviated septum repaired after the break heals.

I have permission to take ibuprofen and to blow my nose gently. And I do have a cold.

I can see about going to the chiropractor in another couple of weeks.

Follow-up visit in January.

I stopped at the store to get ibuprofen and picked up a little phone for the kitchen; it took about a minute for me to get it put toether and on the wall. Just a simple corded phone. It will work when the power goes out, which the cordless ones don't.

I took an ibuprofen and I will see about taking a nap now.
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